To be successful with MMO – need to be handsome?

To imitate the drama series, I also have some stories that can be considered … “sideline stories”, in my Amazon challenge journey.

First story: Why does credit card payment on AMZ do not need CVV code ???.

I know how to use the Debit visa card since 2008, I created it just because I found it … new, the name Visa heard it staggered. It really hasn’t been used for international online payment ever. I still remember, the day I took the card, wrapped in an envelope, not peeled off, Miss Teller (transactor) with white hands, full breasts in a tight white shirt … I’m a little rambling … she told me that this card includes the number on the card, the security code behind it, and the 4-digit number to change the pass at the ATM tree. I am reminded to secure all 16 digits, the date of issue, and the CVV code … in general, to protect all the problems.

I am naive, thinking that even if I know 16 numbers, I think I have to have a picture of the security number 03, so I take the color tape to cover it, rest assured when I wiped it at the supermarket.

Until the day I got to know AMZ, I had a card in my hand, strangely enough, even without entering CVV, AMZ still let me use it to …. register the prime, I studied the tut of some brothers, Easy to register for amazon music …. trial 14 days. It’s ok, and after that it still charges money every month, even if I die acc, I have to run out to lock the card to do something new, it will stop charging.

Another time, I discovered more, even some traders, they agreed to enter CVV code when I entered … wrong, Apple is a company that I add cards and fill in CVV, they still accept.

Usually I don’t really care, but there is one incident, when it happens, makes me curious and learn through the speaker a bit. It was my card that was leaked, and it was charged in some heavenly service, the amount was small, but I immediately called up the bank, and was instructed to do the checking.

Happy, I met the beautiful girl, I excitedly drove to the bank. Strangely, not surprising me, this girl really … doesn’t know anything when I ask a series of questions.

I just realized that not all tellers can know all the card issues, each bank usually has 1 card center to handle card situations for customers.

And then I began to look for some professional reading and reading materials on the AVS (address verification service).

Well, I have to go to work, and talk to you later. I will write down everything I understand. Right or wrong or missing, please add.

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